Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the magic of disney...

a weekend disney getaway

outside the magic kingdom looking towards the train station @ the head of main street u.s.a.
my favorite view of cinderella's castle
toys and other merchandise are everywhere(the buying frenzy makes a normally sane individual not as spend-thrift as they thought)
a great white egret... there are birds all over disney... especially in frontierland around the turkey leg stand.
spinning tea cup madness... i think i became twice as dizzy because i was looking through the lens...
an up close view of cinderella's castle
a peacock in the spectromagic parade
reflection of the castle @ night... beautiful.
at the gorilla exhibit @ animal kingdom.
a grouping of pale flamingos that we saw on our african safari ride in the animal kingdom... absolutely we were driving by the lioness got up, stretched, and about timing. :)
this last photo is a joke... i'm always telling my sister-in-law that travel magazine photographers love to take shots of old walls with bike leaning against them to show rural foreign places. so, while in the africa section of animal kingdom, what should i find but an old bike leaning against the wall... too funny!